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Seth Walker

(USAW Level 2, NASM Advanced sports performance coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and a degree in biology)

Seth Walker is a native East Texan and had been passionate about sports and fitness from a young age. He competed in soccer and then in CrossFit before finding his passion for Olympic lifting. That passion quickly turned into a love for coaching and a desire to create a program specifically designed to help local lifters grow and improve. Seth founded Athleo Barbell Club, the first barbell club in east Texas where novice and seasoned lifters alike can develop and advance their lifting abilities.  No matter what stage of the process an athlete is at, Seth is tenacious about proper progressions and consistent movement. He coaches numerous competitive athletes, several of whom have competed on a national level.

What started as a personal passion became a vision for wanting to see others develop the discipline, patience, focus, and strength needed for the sport.


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Thacher Riddle

(CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Coach, Level 1 USAW Certified)

Thatcher is an outstanding coach in every way. He knows just how to asses particular weak points in each individual and give outstanding instruction that translates into vast improvements whether in lifting, sports performance, or CrossFit. His positivity and encouragement leave everyone he trains feeling accomplished and motivated while his training style gives incredible content and solid takeaways for each athlete he invests in. Thacher loves working with Olympic lifters, experienced athletes, adaptive athletes, kids who are eager to learn the mechanics of becoming an athlete, and anyone who has the desire to change for the better. His life motto is, “Live in the moment” … So even though you’ll be working hard, training with Thacher is also a lot of fun!

Ezra Chapman

(CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Coach, Level 1 USAW Certified)

Ezra discovered his passion for Olympic Lifting while doing CrossFit and found himself quickly fascinated with it and developed a deep desire to learn the “why” behind everything that it entailed. He has been mentored by Seth Walker for three years and finished his internship under both Seth Walker and Thacher Riddle in the Spring of 2017. Ezra has competed in Youth and Junior Nationals and the American Open and continues to grow in the sport. His eye for detail, his love for proper mechanics, and dedication to helping people learn correct form is what makes Ezra a great coach for all athletes, whether they are just beginning or are seasoned competitors who want to progress further.

Ezra has a non-threatening, likable coaching style that our youth, adult, and Masters athletes connect with and enjoy learning under. He has a love for people and it shows with the time poured into each athlete to help them reach their goals.


Ally Morales


Kirk Hudson

(Athleo Admin Director)

As a devoted family man and counselor, Kirk has been perfect for the role of Mentor and Administrator for our youth program. He also coordinates the partner sponsorships.