We believe our programming and class setting is suitable for athletes from all walks of life and all fitness levels. On any given day, you will see grandparents, college students, competitors, people with no athletic background, moms, and high level athletes all in the same class doing the workout together. We love the diversity that CrossFit allows!

However, we do offer personal training to meet specific needs an athlete might have. This includes:

Athletes who need training for their specific sport.
 Whether you are currently pre-season, in-season, or off-season we will help you reach your goals. We specifically assist each one of our athletes in finding explosive power and learning how to move from core to extremity. We also work with balance, speed, agility, stability, flexibility, mindset, recovery, strength, reactions, pivoting, and learning to safely and efficiently move in all ranges of motion. We assess where you might have fault in movement patterns and then work to reestablish proper form, technique, and natural body positioning that will only strengthen and accelerate growth. Our highly qualified coaches create individualized sessions for each unique athlete so that maximum results can be gained through personal training.

Individuals most comfortable in a one-on-one setting. As much as we love our class setting and the community that comes with it, all of our coaches offer personal training for those wanting an individualized program. The history, health, and goals of every person will vary and some people find that having their “own hour” with a coach much better suits their pace and preference.

Our Older Community. Every client is unique and we find that to be especially true about our older members. Though many love being a part of the class setting, there are some who prefer the one-on-one coaching due to the fact that it provides more time and opportunity for a coach to program for their specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Our focus at Premier CrossFit is to improve quality of life through functional fitness and to keep the body moving correctly in a healthy way… Both now and in the future. This is incredibly important for this group of athletes. In building any program, we teach our clients to safely and efficiently progress through all ranges of motion as well as prepare for the unknown and unknowable.

Impaired or Adaptive Athlete. We love helping individuals with permanent or temporary physical disabilities and we are passionate in our belief that anyone can join in and be a part. Our uniquely trained and qualified coaches know how to accommodate permanent or temporary impairment if you want to jump into class. We use proven techniques to adapt the workouts to your ability level and we provide support and education to enable impaired individuals to become comfortable with the fundamentals of functional movement. We also recognize that certain athletes aren’t comfortable in the class setting and some benefit from one-on-one or small group training. Whatever your needs are, our coaches are ready to assist. Every situation is unique and we want to help you in reaching your goals. For some it is to become more independent, others need balance or increased mobility, some have a specific goal (like running) that they want to achieve, others are relearning movement after injury, and many just want to be as healthy and strong as possible and need assistance in that pursuit. Besides aiding in recovery from short-term injuries or sickness, our team is qualified and experienced in assisting clients who are dealing with brain injury, amputation, limb salvage, neurological damage, sensory impairment, etc. as well as seated athletes. We are very passionate about helping every athlete succeed, no matter what!

Pre-Natal/ Postpartum Women. It is recommended that pregnant women continue to workout during pregnancy and it can significantly help with energy levels, quality of sleep, swelling, and keeping weight gain to a minimum… not to mention a much faster recovery! Pregnant women are always welcome in class and each of our coaches is well-versed in making necessary modifications, suited for each trimester. Some women prefer a more personalized program during the life-changing months of pregnancy or feel more comfortable one-on-one for the first few months postpartum while they regain strength and stamina before jumping back into class and personal training is perfect for just that!