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Athleo Barbell Club is East Texas’ first USA Weightlifting Club.


Here at Athleo our goal is to grow the sport of Olympic Weightlifting in East Texas. We teach our athletes proficiency in the snatch and clean and jerk. Our focus is not only on how much weight they can lift, but also how they are lifting it. We want our athletes to experience the sport for a long time, and proper progression and movement is a must for this. We know that all of our lifters won’t be high level lifters, therefore we focus on teaching them discipline and work ethic that can be used in their every day life. We strive to bring you the best coaching and programming by constantly educating and improving ourselves.

Athleo Barbell Club is led by Seth Walker USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach and Thacher Riddle, USAW Sports Performance Coach.

To enroll in the program, contact Seth Walker directly (mobile: 903-539-6967 or email:

You do not have to be a member of Premier CrossFit to participate. Anyone interested in becoming part of the Athleo team, can join.

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